Bin Chicken Mayhem Update: December 2018 (Alpha v0.69)

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while (we know!), we’ve been hard at work adding, tweaking, and optimising Bin Chicken Mayhem for you all!

Within this document we will be detailing a fair few exciting new features and improvements added to the latest version of the Bin Chicken Mayhem alpha build*.

*It should be noted that all footage and in-game screenshots shown are still a Work In-Progress and are subject to change prior to release.


  • Day/Night Cycle
    • We’ve now added a fully dynamic day/night cycle within the 2-Dimensional world of Bin Chicken Mayhem. You can now navigate multiple levels of the game at various times of the day!
  • As you can tell, yes, we’ve added more levels and backdrops! We won’t talk too much about these as we want you to experience some of them for yourselves…
  • Player Skin Customisation
    • At MLCreative, we love customisation, so we had to add some element of it to Bin Chicken Mayhem. You will now be able to select from a variety of in-game player skins to dash, dodge, and weave past various objects in the game! Again, we will not give too much of this away, we want you to discover/unlock most of these for yourselves…
  • Level Statistics/Tracking
    • Stat tracking is a must have in a game where your in-game performance is monitored. We’ve utilised our coin based tier system to rank players performance per level. This can now be viewed on the level selection screen.
  • Mayhem Mode (with multiple scenes)
    • Introducing, Mayhem Mode! This mode is separate from the original set of levels and utilises a time based rewards system, rather than distance. The longer you survive consistent waves of garbage being hurled towards you, the greater the XP and Bin Juice (in-game currency) you earn! Not only have we focused on adding a great arcade mode into Bin Chicken Mayhem, but we’ve also added in multiple scenes for you to survive in. Take a look down below!
  • (More) Power-Ups
    • As we’ve been developing and play-testing Bin Chicken Mayhem, we discovered the opportunity to add and develop several power-ups that the player can earn and utilise in-game. These can range from passive upgrades, to down-right hilarious power-ups that harness your characters untapped abilties. Here’s what we have so far, and of course – we will leave these abilties up to your imagination until our Beta Test in Early 2019*.

*Beta Test Participation Date Subject to Change.


  • Refined Physics and Effects
    • Our game has some pretty cool and interesting physics/effects for the various objects we have lurking around. With each of these objects we’ve taken the time to sit down and calibrate the physics and effects for each object. Here’s a sneak peak with some in-game footage from one of the first levels in Bin Chicken Mayhem.
  • Graphics & Level Generation Upgrades
    • As you may have seen, we’ve improved the level generation and colour of our scene backdrops. You can see the difference down below!
  • General Stability Improvements
    • With each version of Bin Chicken Mayhem we develop, we always look for ways to optimise and improve the games stability. In this iteration, we have increased the games Frames Per Second to lock at 60FPS and also improved the way the game is presented on multiple Apple Devices, whether it be an iPhone XS, XS Max, or iPad.
  • Level Loading
    • Load Scenes now utilise customised imagery that the player can earn by completing in-game objectives.

That’s all from us at MLCreative. Stay tuned for more details as we reveal more of our games progress in the coming weeks!

We are also extremely excited to announce that the game will be available to Beta Test in Early 2019. All you have to do is stay active on our website, we will be launching a registration page very soon.

We’d also like to take the time to reiterate that we also post on the following social pages (now including Discord and Reddit!)

Thank You,

The MLCreative Team

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