Bin Chicken Mayhem – Beta Announcement

Hi everyone!

We’re bring you all some exciting news today, finally the Bin Chicken Mayhem beta is coming to iPhone devices!

You can head to on the 3rd of August to join the Bin Chicken army! We can’t wait to have you guys playing πŸ—‘οΈπŸ”

This is a crucial time for us, and we will be utilising this as a period to get feedback from each member of the Bin Chicken army. Everyone’s feedback during this time is greatly appreciated and will create a better experience for all of you come the official release date!

In the meantime, hang tight because Bin Chicken Mayhem’s beta is almost here!

One month and counting… (it’s not too early to start counting down, right?)

You can let us know how excited, ready, or downright thrilled you are for Bin Chicken Mayhem on our socials down below!

Alternatively you can contact us here for any other inquiries


The MLCreative Team

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